Smoke to the Beats

Listen to music and smoke your hookah at the same time now with Shisha Beats!

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Shisha Beats uses bluetooth and LED lights!

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Order the Shisha in 6 colors!

Comes With

Shisha Head, Hose, and Glass Base

This Husic Hookah comes with a Shisha Bowl/Head. clear glass base, stainless steel stem, hose, tongs, and large Bluetooth speaker

How to use it

Simply set up the hookah, place the Bluetooth speaker in between the stem and base and connect it to your device. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. Each component is secured tightly to prevent any breakages.

Perfect for smoke lovers

Suitable for friends and family. This quality set is perfect as a gift for smoke lovers. Enjoy the hookah that is made to impress your friends while enjoying nice weather and relaxing.